About Orrbis

Location alerts. Real-time GPS location tracking. Location history. Orrbis gives you superpowers. Orrbis can tell you if your child doesn’t arrive at school, or if your significant other is late leaving work. Be notified when the people you care about arrive or leave important places, like work, home or school!

For peace of mind, the safety and security of your children or teens, or just managing a busy family, Orrbis has you covered:

  • Real-time location of every group member.
  • Location alerts inform you when group members arrive or leave any location, such as “Dad left work.”
  • Driving Detection gives you data on your Circle members’ drives, such as top speed, duration of the trip and a map of the route.
  • Create Circles to share your location with separate groups. Great for different groups of family members, or for events like field trips or monitoring a babysitter.
  • Create custom alerts to inform you when family members don’t arrive or don’t leave any location, such as “Tim is NOT at school.”
  • A 30-day, detailed location history for every member.
  • Real-Time Traffic.
  • Live ETA for all your Circle members.
  • Kids can “touch base” with one tap on a simple, single-button interface. Parents will receive a corresponding notification.
  • See the battery level of any phone in your Circle at any time.
  • Low Battery Alerts let you know if someone in your group might go offline.
  • Caregivers can choose to share (or stop sharing) their location with other caretivers and children.

In-app VoIP calling means you can call any member of your Circles for free in the app without using any minutes included in your cellphone plan.

Orrbis offers the following subscriptions: Orrbis Premium: $2.99 per month, or $24.99 per year.

Orrbis Premium gives you access to unlimited Places, 30-day location history for every family member, advanced place alerts and low battery alerts.